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"This past spring, we hired Chris to install a pond for us and ended up with something that far exceeded our expectations in the area of quality workmanship, pond design, and landscaping design.  It was a pleasure to work with someone of Chris' integrity and honesty. We would recommend him without hesitation to anyone.  His prices are very competitive and his work ethic and sense of fair play are without question. When Chris visited our place to look at the site where we wanted to put in a pond, we discussed with him how we envisioned the pond. He suggested a design so totally new to us that we were a little hesitant to go with it.  We decided to trust his judgment and couldn't be happier with the outcome.  The pond can be seen immediately upon entering the backyard from any direction, whereas our idea would have had it in an obscure area, with one of the best features (the babbling brook) hidden under a walking bridge.

His landscaping ideas show just as much talent as his pond design skills.  After giving him the freedom to finish the landscaping around the pond, the result is so beautiful that we still can't get over it.  He made the decisions on which plants to use, taking into consideration their hardiness, the different textures of the foliage so they would complement each other, and the blossoming time so there would be constant flowering throughout the growing season, in addition to providing for a beautiful winterscape.  He even incorporated some of the existing plants and trees into his design and the result is absolutely beautiful. After a long day at work, it is so peaceful and enjoyable to just sit by the pond and watch the fish as they swim toward us waiting for a handout. In the short time since it's been completed, we've had visits from butterflies to hummingbirds, and now even a frog seems to have made the pond his home.

During the past several years, we've completed some extensive remodeling projects to the house, but this project has resulted in the most satisfying and enjoyable outcome of any we've undertaken. The money was well spent. We would have no hesitation in recommending Chris for anyone's pond design and installation and/or landscaping needs, be it residential or commercial.  In designing our pond, he successfully resolved some major drainage issues for us, overcame some focal point challenges (i.e. making sure it could be seen from several different vantage points), and completed the entire project with some of the best landscaping ideas either of us has ever seen. We couldn't be happier with the results and with our decision to go with Chris."  Nancy & Rocky

"Thank you so much for our beautiful water garden.  As I mentioned, from last fall through this spring, Kevin and I had several home improvement projects going on at the same time.  Yours was the only one that went smoothly. Thank you for creating such a beautiful design in what was truly a challenging area.  Thank you for showing up when you said you would, finishing the project when you said you would and thank you too, for your advice and artistic input.  Thank you also for sticking around that last day even though you were finished to help me place and then plant trees (even though that wasn’t in your bid).  It was a such pleasure working with you. Kevin and I learned a few weeks after our project was finished that one of our neighbors had also added a water feature to their backyard.  They had one of the large garden centers in town do it and it was twice the price that you charged us and not nearly as sophisticated. Please feel free to use us as a reference for future customers.  I would highly recommend your service to anyone who cares to listen!"  Pamela & Kevin

 "Chris, We want to thank you again for the job you did for us. The waterfall and pond are wonderful.  We find ourselves sitting on the viewing rocks, enjoying the sights and sounds. Your eye for detail and the innate “artist” in you are evidential by the cascades, the rock placements and the outline of the pond.  We love the pond, the different heights throughout, the rocks used, and the plants selected. We also would like to commend you for a through planning process and your follow through, keeping us continually informed regarding the projects process.  You worked hard through less than ideal weather conditions, and finished on time and on budget. Our project was obviously complex and challenging, evidenced by the fact that the previous professional landscaping company had failed to complete it successfully.  Your work was outstanding, from start to finish. Project management is obviously one of your major strengths, as well as your creative skills.  Moreover, you were always cost conscious, and provided us with a beautiful, functional, highly valuable addition to our home and property.  We would be happy to recommend you without hesitation." Fondly; Mike & Nita

“Chris is great to work with, his artistry, skill and professionalism were immediately evident in the work he did for us on our manufactured stone water feature in our pool.  Everyone that sees the work thinks that the boulders are real!! When I tell them that they are created by Chris they can not believe it.  Chris managed our project very well, he is extremely reliable and his pricing was very fair.  I would recommend his work to anyone looking for a great water feature, pond or other boulder work” Cindy and Mike

"Chris was extremely helpful and insightful as we embarked on our landscape project. He took our simple ideas with some of our initial thoughts and created a wonderful and enchanting water feature with a stream, waterfalls and lighting. His insight into aquatic plants and his eye for an incredibly natural looking creation were a gift beyond our expectations." "Thanks for making our back yard a place we now love to spend our time."   The Jones'

"Chris is extremely creative and wonderful to work with.  He listened to my ideas and created a very special addition to our backyard.  At first we were not sure if a water feature was really what we wanted.  Now that we have it we LOVE it and we will continue to enjoy it for many years. Thanks, Chris" Happy Pond Owner in Plymouth

I pride myself in the attention to detail, quality workmanship, and personalized service I provide for you, my client, realizing tomorrows success depends on your satisfaction today.  It just makes good sense. "Thank you for all the kind words." Happy Ponding!  Chris

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