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Creative Ponds & Landscapes is a pond & landscape contractor specializing in the installation of backyard ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, fountains, assorted water features, low voltage landscape lighting & landscaping in Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN. and surrounding area.

About Our Web Site: On this page you will find links to many useful articles and information about ponds & waterfalls and their care tailored to pond & waterfall owners in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN & surrounding area. The articles contained in this web site should be used as a guide only. Many variables can and do take place from pond to pond. The information provided is from our own research and pond keeping experience. The information presented in this site is intended to supply some ideas and useful information relating to ponds & waterfalls and their care, although we canít guarantee it.

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Click Here for article containing information about Algae.

Aquatic Plants

Click Here for various articles on aquatic plants for your Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN. area pond or waterfall.

Fish Care

Click Here for information about your finned friends.

Biological Filters

Click Here for more information about biological filters & the benefits of bacteria.

Click here to view photos of the stages a pond goes through as the biological filter establishes itself. A Must See!

Seasonal Care of the Pond

Click Here for a list of recommended Pond Care Items.

Click Here for information on getting your Minneapolis & St. Paul MN pond & waterfall ready for the new season & how to keep it looking good.

Click Here to view the article about winterizing your Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN. & surrounding area pond & waterfall.

Creative Ponds & Landscapes offers a variety of pond & waterfall maintenance & repair services. Contact Us  for more information.

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