Recommended Items & Helpful Calculations

Recommended Items For All Pond Keepers

By spending a few minutes a week testing and monitoring your ponds water quality you will soon find your own recipe for success. These products are only recommended from our pond keeping experience, many variables can take place from pond to pond. If it works don’t fix it!

Helpful Calculations

The following is used to figure gallons, 7.5= gallons in a cu. ft. of water and the formula is:

Average Length x average Width x average Depth x 7.5 = gallons of water. Example: 10’x 10’x 2’ x 7.5 = 1500 gallons

How Many Fish?

The following formula is used to figure out how many fish your pond can handle. (Bio-load)

Figure the ponds surface area square footage, Length X Width, then multiply by 1”  This is the total inches of fish the pond may support. The common rule is 1” of Goldfish or ½” of Koi per square foot of the ponds surface area. It is always best to under stock, your pond and fish will be much happier. Example: A 10’x10’ pond = 100sq. ft. of surface area. 100 x 1” = 100” of fish or 20 5” goldfish, or 10 5" Koi

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