Artificial Rock Creations


The following photos illustrate a variety of water features constructed in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN. & surrounding area using GFRC Artificial Rock panels and concrete faux rock finishes. Many design objectives can be achieved when using this material for certain water features and themed designs.  Click on any photo to enlarge


photo of swimming pool waterfall constructed using artificial rock


This swimming pool waterfall provides poolside fun and relaxation as it falls and cascades into the pool. Click here to view additional photos


photo of pond constructed using artificial rock

photo of limestone artificial rock waterfall





This small simulated limestone water feature includes planting areas incorporated into its design. A wide variety of aquatic plants are used to naturalize this artificial rock pond and also aid in keeping a balanced ecosystem. Ten goldfish call the pond home.


photo of indoor artificial rock weep wall


This artificial rock weep wall was part of a home remodel. The home owner had already been enjoying a pond out doors and was looking to bring that enjoyment indoors.  Water flows down the face of the wall providing visual interest until reaching an overhang where it gently falls creating a nice soothing background noise in the home. Click Here to see additional photos of this project.


photo of limestone grotto constructed using artificial rock


This water feature was part of a large healing garden installed at Ridgeview Hospital in Waconia, MN. The many design facets involved in this artificial rock grotto would have been difficult to achieve with real stone. Six individual stones were constructed in the shape of a crescent moon, each stone produces a uniform, dripping curtain of water. Click Here to view additional photos of this project.


photo of artificial rock waterfall as seen at the MN. State Fair

closeup photo of artificial rock waterfall as seen at the MN. State Fair




This small simulated rock water fall was constructed for a Minnesota state fair display for Lebens Greenhouses of St. Paul, MN. The theme was a hosta garden with a small pond and waterfall. The waterfall was created “free hand” with concrete faux rock techniques to simulate the natural “holy” boulders used next to it in the display. Plants and fish were added to the pond creating a nice, naturalistic setting. Thank you to Lebens for the opportunity and the teamwork involved that made this a great display.


For more information about GFRC artificial rock panels & boulders Click Here


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