G.F.R.C Artificial Rock

Note; We do not manufacture or sell this material, our experience & skill with the material allows us to offer you this unique option!

G.F.R.C (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is a Portland cement based composite with alkali resistant glass fibers dispersed in the mixture that is sprayed into molds taken from natural rock formations & boulders. The glass fibers combine with the cement to create strength without added mass & weight. These realistic & durable G.F.R.C panels and boulders are very detailed and replicate the look and feel of natural stone. This is the same material that is used in many zoo & aquarium exhibits and themed designs such as the Rainforest Café and many casinos. They can be installed as a whole panel or cut and assembled to create realistic rock formations in places where the use of real stone would be impossible or costly. A 200 pound G.F.R.C boulder can duplicate a 1 ton version of a real stone, at a fraction of the cost. These photos show just one of the many Artificial rock panels and boulders we have available to work with. The design options are endless. We can design & install a water feature for you very few can accomplish using only natural stone. Whether used alone or in combination with real stone, many will be left to wonder “How did they do that?”

Photo of artificial rock panel

photo of swimming pool waterfall constructed using artificial rock.

Indoor Options Galore! The enjoyment of water in your life does not need to end in the backyard. Here in Minnesota we know all too well how quickly the seasons change. Maybe you’ve dreamed of an indoor water garden, a spa or pool falls, an entryway weep wall or maybe you are looking for options and something unique to make your statement with water indoors. When you choose Creative Ponds & Landscapes you are receiving the benefits of 13 years of commercial & residential experience in the installation of themed & naturalistic water features and other faux rock finishes, indoors and out. Put the experience and design options to work for you!

"What People Are Saying..." "Everyone that sees the work thinks that the boulders are real!! When I tell them that they are created by Chris they can not believe it."  Mike & Cindy  Continue...

Click Here to view photos of various projects created with these artificial rock panels and faux rock techniques.

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