When it comes to algae control and water clarity you have two choices in dealing with it: Artificially or Naturally.

Artificial methods include algaecides and chemicals that kill any and all life in the water, similar to filtering a swimming pool. These methods are best used in formal fountains and some indoor water features where plants and fish are not desired.

Natural methods include plants, fish, and good bacteria that work with Mother Nature, not against her. Since the majority of pond owners are interested in both plants and fish we have chosen to elaborate more on the natural ways to ensure a healthy well balanced ecosystem.

Tips & Facts On Controlling Algae Naturally

Conclusion: There are many ways to head off and control the invasion of algae. This article should be used as a guide only. It is our intent to supply some ideas that should give you a better chance in getting rid of or stopping it before it begins although we canít guarantee it. If more advice is needed we recommend researching the internet and talking to fellow pond keepers, who are always willing to help. No matter what you read or hear, if it works for you and your pond, it works.

Click here to view photos of what to expect as a pond naturally matures during the season. A Must See!

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