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Hello and welcome, my name is Chris Formhals and I am owner and president of Creative Ponds & Landscapes. I have a simple goal: Use my variety of skills, experiences & work ethic to provide my clients high quality, well designed & installed, low maintenance water features & landscapes. I take great pride in my ethics, workmanship, attention to detail and personalized service I provide my clients, I realize my success tomorrow depends on your satisfaction today!

Unfortunately all ponds & waterfalls are not created equal. With so many pond & landscape contractors in Minneapolis & St. Paul MN. to choose from why choose Creative Ponds & Landscapes? Well, contrary to what some people may think or lead you to believe the construction of a properly operating pond or waterfall is indeed a "specialty" service and should not be treated as just one of many landscape services offered. Backyard ponds, waterfalls, water gardens,  pondless waterfalls & fountains are the main focus of the company with the landscape services used to enhance the newly installed pond or waterfall or other areas of your landscape as needed or desired.

The many reasons to choose Creative Ponds & Landscapes

As a consumer myself I have experienced & heard many stories of how difficult & stressful finding a reputable contractor can be. Many times you are dealing with a variety of people and the communication of your true dreams can be misunderstood or compromised during the process.  You wonder; did the salesman listen to my needs, wants and desires? Will they be effectively conveyed to the designer and then to the foreman and his crew? Is the crew experienced? Do they take pride in their work and care about the final project or are they just there putting in their 8 hours? In comes the equipment, what is the rest of my landscape/driveway going to look like after they leave? A stressful gamble to say the least! 

The Solution!

When you choose Creative Ponds & Landscapes you take much if not all of that stress out of the process! Yes it is rare but from the first phone call to the final handshake I will be the one you will be communicating with. I am present and part of every pond, waterfall & landscape installation assuring your needs, wants and desires are addressed as planned in addition to providing the highest quality of work. Over the years I have developed effective ways of minimizing the impact to your yard and surrounding landscape and on most projects very little equipment is needed, providing a low-impact and less costly pond, waterfall or landscape installation. Relax! You chose Creative Ponds & Landscapes.

Thank you for visiting this site, please Contact me with any & all questions you may have, I look forward to hearing from you!

I take great pride in what previous clients have written in the dozens of testimonials I have received.  For "What People Are Saying" Click Here

Creative Pond & Landscapes was started in 2008 after doing business as Creative Pond & Rock Works. After 7+ years of installing a variety of landscapes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN. & surrounding Twin Cities area in addition to the many water features a name change just made sense to better represent all of the services offered. Click Here for the "Extended Version" regarding the history of Creative Ponds & Landscapes.

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