Hello & welcome to Creative Ponds & Landscapes Newsletter. I intend to use this space to provide up to date information regarding Creative Ponds & Landscapes, seasonal maintenance advice, observations, thoughts & new products & plants. Check back often to see what is happening.

December 15th 2011: Wow, what a mild Fall & early winter we are having! Last year at this time we had 33" of snow on the ground, remember the Metrodome roof collapse? As of Dec 15th my small backyard pond is ice free & wide open, the small trickling waterfall continues to flow freely & the birds are taking full advantage of the open water! The mild Fall & Early winter should bode well for our finned friends in our ponds, less ice & snow cover means healthy gas exchange & less stressed fish. Having lived in MN. all my life I'll enjoy this mild spell knowing to well that this is still Minnesota & the winter season isn't over yet. Happy Holidays to you & yours!










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