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Creative Ponds & Landscapes is a pond & landscape design & installation company specializing in ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, fountains, assorted water features, low voltage landscape lighting & landscaping in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN. and surrounding area.

Is your pond old, lack filtration or becoming a maintenance nightmare? Maybe a facelift is needed? Creative Ponds & Landscapes offers pond repair, retrofit & enhancement services for those wishing to benefit from the efficiency and ease of maintenance of professional grade pond components or we can offer you other applicable creative solutions to enhance or repair your existing pond & waterfall. Do you reside in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN. Contact Us to find out if we can be of assistance to your pond & waterfall repair issues.

A recent client had inherited a large pond when they had purchased their home. They loved the many Koi and goldfish and the summer blooming water lilies. It was great for a while until the work in maintaining and expense of replacing the many undersized biological filters and pumps had become too much! A properly sized biological filter, skimmer, and pump were retrofit to the existing pond liner. Returning a week later for a follow up visit the happy client, impressed with the increased water clarity exclaimed, “This is the first time in two years we have been able to see our fish!”

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Koi pond repair in Minneapolis, MN "before" photo

Koi pond repair in Minneapolis, MN "after" photo





 The existing pond was drained and a site was chosen for the Biofalls®. The Biofalls® and a small stream liner were set into position. A skimmer was also attached to the existing liner at the opposite end of the pond. The 2 step waterfall can be seen and heard from the large overlooking deck and kitchen windows.

Koi pond repair in Minneapolis, MN "after" photo

Koi pond repair in Minneapolis, MN "after" photo




Koi pond repair in Minneapolis, MN "after" photo

The pond water contained quite a bit of suspended algae and debris after being refilled the first day. The addition of the Biofalls® and skimmer quickly filtered the water and allowed the many fish to be enjoyed.

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