Koi Fish Video Gallery

Creative Ponds & Landscapes is a pond & landscape design & installation company specializing in ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, fountains, assorted water features, low voltage lighting & landscapes in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota and surrounding area.

This Koi pond in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN. is home to a school of large Koi, this video clip shows them feeding & foraging.

NEW! View Koi Video clip by clicking on a file link. Click Here to view a .wmv file (1.4mb file) or Click Here to view a .mpeg file (2.4mb file) of this installation.

NOTE: A Cable or DSL Connection is highly recommended for quick viewing. The .wav file (Windows Audio/Video file) is medium quality & a smaller screen size. The .mpeg file is a larger file but is higher quality with a larger screen size.

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