Types of Biological Filters

Simply put biological filters use naturally occurring good bacteria to convert harmful chemicals into less toxic & usable compounds creating a natural cycle & ecosystem that aids in water quality & fish health. 

There are many biological filters available. We highly recommend the two filters featured below for most pond applications.

photo of mini Biofalls filter component from Aquascape Designs Inc.photo of installed mini Biofalls filter component from Aquascape Designs Inc.







The BioFalls® from Aquascape Designs Inc.

This component of the Aquascape Designs Pro Ecosystem Kit hides the filter by using it as a waterfall or the start of a stream while providing biological filtration. Filter mats & porous lava stone are used in the filter becoming a home to beneficial bacteria and are extremely efficient at filtering the water. For the ultimate in low maintenance combine this filter with a skimmer and most of the work is done for you. Requires only a yearly cleaning. For more information about the Aquascape Designs Ecosystem Click Here  Biofalls® is the trademark of Aquascape Designs Inc. 

The PF Series from Pond Filtration Inc.

The Pond Filtration Inc. PF series of biological filters are excellent for existing small ponds lacking biological filtration. These filters are also great if you over winter your fish indoors. The PF 1000 uses a filter media of Zeolite and activated carbon, under pressure. We run the PF 1000 in our own small pond and bring it indoors to over winter our fish and could not be happier. Our water has remained crystal clear all year long. Easy to use, easy to clean. They come with a Lifetime and a “No More Green Water” Guarantee

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