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The Start Of It All

Exciting Beginnings

Creative Pond & Rock Works was started in the spring of 2000. The journey leading up to the start of Creative Pond & Rock Works was an educating and exciting one for me. In 1993 I began working for a large company specializing in the installation of concrete artificial rock formations and water features. You may have seen a few of the projects I have contributed to including: MN. Zoological Gardens, Rain Forest Café, Cabela's in Owatonna, MN. / Prairie du Chien,WI., Mystic Lake Casino, R.E.I rock climbing tower and many more. In addition to these large commercial projects I also contributed too many residential installations of indoor/outdoor ponds, waterfalls, spa & pool rooms and other themed designs. Finding this work exciting and unique I eagerly learned and excelled in all aspects of the installation process. My creativity and attention to detail brought more opportunity to learn and on many projects I was responsible for much of the faux rock finishes used to produce the realistic finished product.

 Lessons Learned

I have always enjoyed gardening and landscaping and have a working knowledge of most plants and landscape techniques. In 1998 I decided to add a small pond and waterfall to my own landscape. At the time I thought I knew all there was to installing a waterfall & pond. I soon found out there was more to digging a hole and filling it with water and calling it a pond. Wondering what to do next I began reading books and researching the internet for all the information I could gather on pond keeping. I took what I had learned about filters, fish, and aquatic plants and applied these techniques to my own small pond. I soon was hooked on the excitement and enjoyment of water gardening.

As I continued to install concrete fountains and water features I noticed a trend and increase in residential installations. I knew what the draw was, experiencing it first hand with my own pond. Although the large commercial projects were exciting and brought me too many interesting places, I enjoyed and experienced my greatest satisfaction while working on excited home owners dreams. Seeing a niche to be filled and ready for a change,  Creative Ponds & Rock Works was born. I had the working knowledge of concrete fountain & water feature installation and quickly went to work researching and learning other pond installation techniques and products. This learning process continues to this day and I suppose it always will.

I am well aware that the increasing interest in water gardening also has brought an onslaught of products and conflicting information in regards to ponds, installation techniques, and maintenance. Always a skeptic, I continue to do my own research and tests with various plants, maintenance issues, and products to bring true and tried facts and information to my clients.

Creative Pond & Landscapes was started in 2008. After 7+ years of installing a variety of landscapes in addition to the many water features a name change just made sense to better represent all of the services offered.

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